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Grand Knight's Corner
Dear Brother Knights,

In view of current conditions, the following Meeting are being Canceled;
Officers Meeting..................Thursday, March 19, 2020
Council Business Meeting...Thursday, April 2, 2020

I have been in contact with our Assembly Faithful Navigator, as well as following the guidance communicated by Supreme. It is clearly evident that the actions being taken by local, state and federal agencies that have been enforced, go beyond the standard of "An Abundance of Caution". While we still have work that needs to be done, I will be communicating with the Officers to manage what needs to be done. We will concede that some of the activities we have been discussing, or would discuss very soon, may end up being rescheduled. For now, however, I would like to proceed as per planned with activities as scheduled. Part of our planning discussions will include looking at alternative dates. Said activities include the Council establishing a new Slate of Officers, Election and Installation for the 2020-2021 Fraternal Year; the Degree Exemplification of our newly recruited members (I ask that the 3 new members to be officially installed as members of the Council to please be patient...we will get it done); planning for our Steak Fry will continue; our Golf Outing may need to be rescheduled; then we have the ID Drive, even more recent, it is likely that the PADS Program for April may also be canceled, as was the March date was. The Fish Fry, which has taken a hit, will try to continue operation, in full or in part, once things clear up. I would think that we will turned the corner once restaurants begin to reopen...this would clearly be a sign that contamination has been significantly reduced, and that it is safe again to have gatherings. Let's pray that this will happen sooner than later.

Under these extraordinary circumstances, I am going have the Council Officers make non-financial decisions, with the exception for necessary matters of operation (i.e., fees to State or Supreme, or money necessary for operation...these are usually not large amounts). We will keep records, as always, of finances to eventually be recorded/reflected in Council Minutes, at a later date. Since circumstances are rather fluid right now, I will communicate information regarding Meeting status for May. I'm sure that I have not covered everything at this point. As conditions and Council needs become more evident, I will communicate this information to you. The Council Approval for the Slate of Officers for next year may be one of those functions which can be done via e-mail. Now that this has been brought up, anyone who would like to submit their name to be an Officer, please send me an e-mail, and the position for which you would like to pursue.

Well for now, that is all I have. I'm sure that in about ten minutes I will remember something I wanted to let you know about. If there is something that I, and the Officers should consider, or discuss, PLEASE let me know. I wish all of you good health, and be safe, follow the recommended protocols sanitary protections. Let us all pray for those who are at risk, or may have contracted the virus, and pray for each other and our families. Will get back to you all soon.

Vivat Jesus
Bob Major, Grand Knight
Marian Council 3761

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